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About Soon

Soon is the Everyday Bucket List - a place to keep and discover things that will enrich your life: movies and series to watch, books to read, restaurants to visit, games, podcasts, music and SOON much more :) For a better idea, check out our website, the App Store or read what people have to say about us, for example in Washington Post and Mashable.

The position

We're looking for an friendly, experienced and creative engineer to join our core team as lead developer, CTO or whichever title sounds least cheezy :) Since we're a small team, your role will be both strategic and operational, involving strategic decision making and team leadership as well as a lot of hands-on coding.

A positive "let's do this" attitude and a passion for problem solving is really what's most important to us. But it's also a big plus if you have hands-on experience of working with React Native, and preferably launched one or more apps (not necessarily React Native) on the App Store recently.

You will be part of every stage of the product development process, from gathering insights to designing solutions to implementing, testing and launching new features.

The end-game is simple: together we'll develop Soon in to a world class product, help our users experience more in their everyday lives, and in the long run evolve Soon into a global culture company.

In bullet points

  • You'll work from our Stockholm office in Gamla Stan
  • You'll be a founding partner of the company
  • You'll be offered a significant stake in exchange for blood, sweat and tears :)
  • Your role will be both strategic and operational - from big decisions to hands-on coding
  • Positive attitude and passion for problem solving is a must
  • Having launched apps on the App Store is a must
  • Experience working hands-on with React Native is a big plus
  • Your focus will be back-end, but versatility is always a plus
  • You'll be part of the full product dev. process, from insights and design to coding, testing and launching.
  • Together we'll create magic
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Skeppsbron 16
11130 Stockholm

info@soonforever.co 0046 707 695498

Let's build something big

Our experience so far makes us believe that Soon has the potential to become a really big deal. Both as in peoples' lives and as a company. If we can become the dominating platform for listing, sharing and inspiring "want-to-dos", then we also have a unique starting point for permission marketing, based on knowing (not guessing) what people want to do next.

As a member of our team, you'll play a crucial

  • Creative spirit

    Soon is founded by two ex-agency guys, which means love for sketching things on whiteboards, throwing random ideas around, print, post, prototype etc. etc.

  • Sweet office

    Top location, living room vibe, vinyl player, Nintendo 64, stacked fridge... Not to mention great people. Needless to say, we like being here :)

  • Ownership

    We want to work with people who believe in our mission and have incentives to make it real, so we offer significant equity in exchange for skills and dedication.

A creative hub in Stockholm's Old Town

Being a young startup, we teamed up with some other creatives to fill a beautiful little office on one of Stockholms nicest addresses. In here we share ideas, play vinyl records and N64 (Goldeneye...), have lunch on the docks and other random niceness.

Drop by for a coffee anytime!


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